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Name:Michael Patrick
Location:San Jose, California, United States

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Friday, November 12


Square Miles Don't Vote

Linked here by the City Comforts Blog, look at these United States population cartograms, which display states and counties according to their respective populations.

The usual, geographically-correct final map of awarded electoral votes makes it difficult to see that Bush barely won half the popular vote, since most of the physically large states he won have relatively small populations. The cartograms linked above represent the contiguous 48 states' collective population more accurately and show just how far from a landslide Bush's win was.

(Mr. Bush, 49 percent of American voters chose someone else to be the leader. November 2 did not give you and your policies a resounding voter mandate.)

The cartograms also show how Kerry carried not the coasts but the cities (article linked by PLANetizen). Note how even such very Republican states as Idaho, Wyoming, and Kansas contained counties that favored Kerry (see also this USA Today map of US counties delineated by states and this interactive map showing percentage of popular vote won by candidate in each state).

On a local note, take a look at how the individual California counties voted. Hey, Bay Area people, you can stop trashing Southern California--and start trashing the Central Valley!