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Name:Michael Patrick
Location:San Jose, California, United States

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Monday, November 8


Keep Your Eyes On The Road (And On Those Lying Liars)

Freeway blogging, huh? Displaying signs on overpasses for thousands of motorists to view, I see? It sounds like a logical, inexpensive form of expression or protest. But Is It Blogging?

Never mind that question. Anyway, I guess I didn't go driving much during the month of October. I must have missed all those pre-election, low-budget "billboards" displayed in the public realm of the pedestrian overcrossings above the freeways. Either that or those zealous protesters finally realized they're not going to sway any more minds in already-converted Bay Area. Okay, it's probably not the latter--they're continuing to change the world from the comfort of their own liberal paradise, and I haven't been driving lately (this goody-goody transit proponent has been taking a bus instead).

So, what kinds of "blog entries" have these protesters been throwing at the car commuters?

This is not to bash Bush or the Iraq war without principle. I'd say the war's many-thousand death toll of innocents makes the issue self-evident. But, enough already, this has little to do with the whole transportation blog thing, unless you subscribe to the "No War For Oil" point of view.