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Name:Michael Patrick
Location:San Jose, California, United States

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Thursday, November 11


Minority Rule

A Mercury News reader has this comment for Mr. Roadshow, about the two-thirds voter majority required to institute many tax increase measures in California--or, you could say, the one-third voter minority required to block these measures:

Q Readers Henry Wespiser and Max Steinke recently took exception to your observation that to improve our highways, the two-thirds majority needs to be reduced to at least 55 percent. Wespiser argues against such a reduction by stating: ``It's our money, you know.'' Yes, it is ``our money'' -- so why should one-third plus one be able to dictate how the majority wants to spend it? Wespiser and Steinke seem to think that us poor imbeciles of the majority need the all-knowing wisdom of a minority on how we spend our money, otherwise us poor dunces might, heaven help us, vote to tax ourselves to improve our highways, other infrastructure and quality of life in California. Oh my!

Bob Melton San Jose