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Name:Michael Patrick
Location:San Jose, California, United States

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Monday, November 1


Now Entering Exurbia: Be Forewarned

(This--or rather something to that effect--appeared today on Cyburbia Forums.)

What should you expect when moving to an essentially rural area? Wild animals, few municipal services, the sounds and perhaps smells of agriculture, hunters' gunshots, mostly unpaved roads, water drainage designed by Mother Nature herself, and maybe even a flood of new residents who wish to follow your example. You know what you're getting into; don't come complaining about any of it.

Yes, all liberals stay out of exurbia. You are not safe here. You might get kidnapped by a militia group, brainwashed and be forced to become a member or a minister. Stay with your fellow Marxist pod creatures in the cities. You will be safe in the cities, where mommy government will feed you from dumpsters, clothe you in rags and give you a cheap flop in a homeless shelter.

Now go back to sleep, sheep.

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