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Name:Michael Patrick
Location:San Jose, California, United States

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Wednesday, February 9


Mundane Microurbanism: Mardi Gras Helicopters

A nice thing about living in Downtown SJ is that everything is so close, so convenient. But when Mardi Gras and other similar party nights come along, the usual sound of passing buses and chatting pedestrians is replaced by the noisy chopping of a helicopter, which very late into the night shines a searchlight on the streets below to, uh, I guess, make sure no one's drunk. It's the aerial equivalent to the police on the ground who have a reputation for not really being part of the party. I wonder what they see up there that the police on the ground don't? Maybe all this makes downtown safe, but would they please let me get some sleep down here?

Later in the night: I opted to stay in tonight, so I was unaware of, but not surprised by, all of this wacky Mardi Gras action.