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Monday, January 10


Central Valley Express in Discussion

Here's a Modesto Bee article on a logical offshoot of the Altamont Commuter Express, the Central Valley Express. We are told Modesto-Sacramento trip would take 95 minutes, about the length of a SJ-SF Caltrain ride, but over a longer distance.

We're also told by the Union Pacific spokesperson this type of commuter rail service "really jams up freight travel." Could the reverse actually be true?

P.S. I love the way the BATN moderator throws additional context into postings, like the aforementioned UP spokesperson's answer to the question of what public agencies need to do to run more passenger trains:

"All the partners need is to come to the table and talk about funding, we'll be there," Mr. Bromley says.

[BATN translation: "SUCKERS!!!!"]

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