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Tuesday, April 25


Thank You, Jane Jacobs

Thank you, Jane Jacobs, for teaching us that what makes a city is not "harmonious" homogeneousness, the brand new and very big, and narrowly futuristic thinking, but natural randomness, diverse surprises, small scale, and respect for context and real people.

traffic signal, 14th and Broadway, Oakland, December 31, 2005 awnings, rainy evening, 10th near William, San Jose, March 11, 2006 man climbing fire escape ladder, Clarion Alley at Mission Street, San Francisco, November 24, 2005 couple at Christmas festival, Paseo de San Antonio, Downtown, December 20, 2005 man and bus cross Third at Santa Clara, December 10, 2005

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Yes, thank Jane Jacobs, and thank you, sir. Glad to see you back and posting (if for just this one post). Hopefully, however, you've decided to emerge from hibernation.

I think the Times' obit is probably the most thorough of the tributes to Jacobs I've read since her death. I've thought about making printouts of the Times piece and tucking them into copies of Death and Life, which I would distribute to friends and family so that they too can read and, hopefully, come to appreciate Jacobs' seminal work. Or, given the cost-prohibitiveness of that plan, maybe I'll just loan out my copy after I've finished reading it. (I started awhile ago, it's just that I sometimes have difficulty staying focused on the task at hand, no matter how enthralling it is--and enthralling Death and Life is.)

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