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Name:Michael Patrick
Location:San Jose, California, United States

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Tuesday, October 18


Carpool-Lane Hybrids Are Still Single-Occupancy (Usually)

Hybrids have made it into the carpool lanes. Lots of additional cars, most of the same size and passenger capacity as conventional cars, and most carrying a single occupant. What do they enjoy that previously only bus riders, vanpoolers, and carpoolers--who per person consume less gas and emit less pollution and who, unlike hybrid drivers, help free space on the pavement--could enjoy?

Jim Gessling has shaved 30 minutes off his afternoon commute from Palo Alto to Walnut Creek. Tim Robertson's drive from downtown San Jose to the Peninsula is 20 minutes faster. And Tammi Hersrud has cut her Hollister-to-Santa Clara trip by at least 15 minutes.

Way to encourage long-distance, solo commuting, state and federal government!

The worst part is that it requires zero behavior change like carpooling or riding a bus. All it requires is a trip down to a car dealership with sales people who are eager to sell you a car. It is a slap in the face to those who chose to change behavior to take advantage of the exclusive lanes.

When the time comes where every car is a hybrid, there would be a need to build more lanes that are hyrid free to keep out the SOVs.

Because of the limited supply of hybrid stickers needed for the carpool lanes, there will be a black market for reselling or counterfeiting these stickers, making this policy more terrible.

I post on the SF Metro site. They took me on board even though I do not live, or for the most part, work there. I don't fit in very well. Most of the time the stories I come up with are just too South Bay. It would be great if you would apply to post. Let them know that you are from San Jose; someday we might get San Jose on the list of cities.

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