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Name: Michael Patrick
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Wednesday, August 4


Do Less Harm, Undo Less Harm

Linked by Planetizen, the Philadelphia Inquirer states that "Big-City Growth Has Downtowns Heading Up" (written by a real estate/home improvement writer). It makes reference to the Columbus, Ohio, cap over Interstate 670 (referenced in an earlier post), a development that should provide overall positive results and will hopefully earn more publicity in articles such as this.

Sure, the article wouldn't startle anyone by saying the cities done the least harm by "urban renewal" and urban portions of the Interstate Highway System are the ones experiencing the greatest comeback; these places have shorter distances to backtrack in terms of urban quality. It's more important to note, I guess, that these places can backtrack at all, that the problems of misguided planning can be, should be, and have been, rectified.