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Name: Michael Patrick
Location: San Jose, California, US

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Friday, July 30


To Kill a Bee (and Its Many Friends)

This house where I live has a bee problem. Free honey? No. A bunch of stings? Yes. Fortunately a handyman is doing his best to get rid of them. (An update: free honey? Yes. I chose not to touch it, given its exposure to all that lath 'n' plaster dust, but the handyman decided that all the impurities would separate from the honey and comb if he cooked it. So he did.)

Prior to a year ago, I never lived in a house or building older than 50 years. My current house, though, was built here in central San Jose in the 19th century and has since been divided into apartments. I can feel the whole house shake slightly when anyone closes the front door. I'm not exceptionally scared about the structure, though, since it survived the 1989 earthquake and it sits on rather steady ground, according to ABAG. I did feel a substantial shake a few minutes ago, when, on the roof, the handyman was running away from a couple of vicious bees. I was hoping he wouldn't crash through the ceiling.

I've honestly not experienced an earthquake since 2002, by the way, despite having spent almost all of the past two years right here in the Bay Area.